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Living in Germany

If you have thoughts about the certainty of your family and confidence in the future too, we suggest considering the possibility of a Business Immigration to Germany.

Investors can get a Residence Permit for themselves and their family subject to the conditions of a Business Immigration, i.e. by founding or buying a business in Germany. Unlike some countries, it is not possible to get a Residence Permit in Germany by buying real estate.

Here are some of the advantages of founding a business in Germany:

  • Availability of bank loans
  • Security and transparency of the business
  • High international ranking of German products
  • Export support from the government
  • Reliable social system
  • Gradual economic growth without crises
  • Good development opportunities for foreigners
  • High quality health care for all inhabitants
  • High living standard

Weigel-Erbe Consulting GmbH is an international team of experts. We are familiar with the country-specific mentality and understand how the cultural difference between countries functions.

We can support you in all phases of the adaption to a new country. Furthermore, we can help you by producing a detailed action plan for the integration of your business and your family.


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