General Civil Law

We are surrounded by civil law almost every day – regardless of whether we rent a flat, get a suit dry-cleaned, buy a car, eat at a restaurant, book a holiday or take out a loan, we repeatedly enter into a legal relationship with other parties. We thus conclude contracts daily, sometimes without knowing it, assume obligations towards our contract partners or acquire claims against such partners.

We need rules that are binding on everyone to ensure that such everyday legal relations work perfectly. How is a contract concluded? What if the other party to the contract does not want to comply with what was agreed or does not fulfil, or poorly fulfils, its contractual obligation? What do I do when someone damages my property through his unlawful act, e.g. causes a traffic accident in which my car is damaged or destroyed? All these questions are answered by civil law.

The decisive codes of civil law are compiled in the German Civil Code Book. It includes not only general codes on how contracts are concluded and the prerequisites for such conclusion and on how such contract can be rescinded

but also codes governing all typical types of contracts with which we are regularly confronted in our everyday life – contracts of sale, leases / rental contracts, contracts for work and/or services or loan contracts, to mention just a few.

These civil law codes are not always easy to understand for a layman and that is why you sometimes come up against a brick wall and therefore need the help of a lawyer, even if the law is completely on your side. As the saying goes, having the law on your side is sometimes only half the battle.

We will be pleased to give you advice and assistance in such situations and if necessary also take legal action and act as counsel in court proceedings in order to assert your rights or defend you against unjustified claims against you.

You can also rely on us for the design of contracts because nothing helps more to avoid legal disputes than a properly designed contract.


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