Our Strengths

  • International Tax Law

Special note should be made of our strengths when it comes to International Tax Law! We are advising international clients, in particular investors.

You are intending to make investments in Germany? We are just the right consultants for you then! It is extremely important to correctly assess and to be familiar with the special features of double taxation treaties and other instructions as well as agreements among the countries. We will evaluate your case in an individual manner and will point out your particular tax aspects in consideration of the German legislation.

  • Starting a Business

We will advise you already in advance of making investments: Purchasing real estate, acquiring a company, establishing a company such as a private or public limited company, and the German equivalent of a company limited by shares and other potential legal forms. We will also support you with the traditional field of financial accounting, payroll accounting and annual financial statements. In doing so, we will take your particular circumstances into account. You will be provided with the complete package of notarisation, support and advice by solicitors (our cooperation partners) and notary publics (our cooperation partners). All mandates may be handled for you on a national scale.

  • Nursing Service

A special strength of our company is the knowledge of the nursing service sector! Salary/wage optimisation is often an issue in this sector because the employees are on-call duty, use their private cars for work-related travel, use their own mobile phones when they are on duty, etc. The employer should take these facts into account in the salary/wage area to keep social security payments down.

Is your bookkeeping already digital? If the answer to this question is NO, we will be the right choice for you. We will optimise your workflows!

Are you using a special chart of accounts for nursing services? If not, we will do the transformation for you and you will get a special overview of your sales in conformity with the German Social Code (SGB).

We assist numerous nursing services nationwide. We have successfully completed numerous tax audits for more than 16 years!

  • Audits / Other Inspections

Another strong point in our services is the support of clients during special events that are oftentimes very stressful for them. We are talking about tax audits, criminal tax proceedings, voluntary declarations, or inspections carried out by the tax authorities with regard to illegal employment.

We will analyse your audit reports. The wide-spread cash register issue will be verified by us. We will take care of good results during the process of any audit: company audit, external wage tax audit, special VAT audit, pension insurance audit, customs audit, tax investigation and many more.

Our managing director, Irina Weigel-Erbe, is a former tax inspector of the German tax authority. Ms Irina Weigel-Erbe worked with the tax administration from 1996 to 2003, her most recent position being special VAT auditor. From 2003, she has been a freelance tax consultant.

But also other tax consultants employed with us have pursued a career with the tax authorities.
We may thus be confident in pointing out our comprehensive experience in this field. The broad range of services in the event of criminal proceedings is completed by our solicitors in their capacity of in-company cooperation partners.

  • Defence Before the Tax Court

We will defend you before the Tax Court. Did you fail to succeed with your appeal with the tax court and have you now received a decision? There is the remedy of filing action with the tax court, and we will assume the defence.
Following a detailed review and analysis of your individual situation, we will handle the necessary written pleadings and other measures before the tax court. We will also examine and file the applications for a suspension of the enforcement.

  • Procedural Documentation

The new German “Principles of Orderly Accounting and Maintenance of Books, Records and Documents in Electronic Form as well as on Data Access”, in short GoBD, which have replaced the previous “Principles on Data Access and on the Auditability of Digital Documentation”, in short GDPdU, are applicable already!

This is based on a letter by the German Federal Ministry of Finance responding to the increasing digitalisation in companies by the GoBD. For you as an entrepreneur, this means primarily that the auditor sent by the tax administration will in the future perform an inspection specifically with regard to the compliance with the new regulations. In order to be able to bring proof that the procedures defined by the GoBD are complied with, a so-called procedural documentation must be submitted, among other things. This documentation comprises a description of all organisational steps and processes required for accounting in the company, in particular the processing and treatment of digital documents. Companies frequently making cash transactions in particular will have to expect unannounced audits within the company (so-called cash reviews).

It is therefore mandatory to maintain and provide a comprehensive procedural documentation on the cash management. Please consider the documentation obligation – apart from the administrative burden – an opportunity to again review your workflows.

Our group of consultants, Weigel-Erbe, can assist you with preparing the procedural documentation. All you have to do is engage us. We will then submit you with an appropriate offer.

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