Residence Permit

Germany welcomes active entrepreneurs with futuristic ideas and that is why the procedure for business immigration has been simplified in several steps during the recent years. Today, it is possible to get the Residence Permit on the basis of the following criteria:

  • Registration of the business/company
  • Opening of a branch of your business/company in Germany
  • Sale of the business

We will help you to find a suitable way so that you can start with your new business in Germany. We will assist you in all formalities on the way to business success.

Our services:

  • Advice for the selection of the basic business strategies
  • Development of a tailored action plan corresponding to the selected strategies
  • Support in the development and implementation of the Business Plan
  • Support in dealing with all German authorities
  • Provision of legal addresses of the business and other necessary infrastructures
  • Assistance in obtaining a Residence Permit for yourself and your family
  • Advice on the required documents in each phase of the Business Immigration
  • A substantial advantage for you is the co-operation with our partners. That is why we are pleased that we can recommend our co-operation partners to you.

We offer our services individually and as a package and that guarantees you a good price-performance ratio.


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