Tax Accountancy Services

Our clients are especially enterprises and foreign and domestic investors that have to fulfil certain declaration duties in the Federal Republic of Germany. We are specialist consultants for international tax law and international business matters.

We will produce your financial accounts in digital form with the latest possibilities of electronic data processing systems and additionally simplify all your business processes by using integrated software solutions.

We also apply our know-how when we do your payroll accounting! Regardless of whether you have to comply with collective wage agreements or minimum wage laws, we will take such into account. We will also help you here by simplifying your EDP processes and show you how a paperless office works.

Our tasks include all tax returns and the production of your annual accounts. We will fulfil your publication duties in respect of publication submissions to authorities and the Federal Gazette and ensure a timely submission of your declarations.

Start-up entrepreneurs today need not only a classical tax adviser but also a consultant who assists them on their way into the business world. We can assist you in establishing your business and will ensure that you fulfil all duties and exercise all rights. We can also assist you if a Business Plan is required. Many authorities and banks want to see, as early as the start-up phase, the concepts of your enterprise, which will then be accepted and not rejected. We start our start-up consulting by checking your personal situation. You need to choose the correct legal form of your enterprise, which will then determine the scope of your success.

Consultancy for asset transfer, gift and inheritance tax in co-operation with our lawyer is part of our everyday work. That needs to take into account that tax-exempt amounts should be exploited in advance. We will examine your personal situation and give you tax advice in advance. We can also help you here by handling all declaration duties resulting from a gift, asset transfer or inheritance.

Import/export consultancy. Advice in import/export matters is an aspect of our consultancy expertise! Enterprises trading in goods in Europe and in third countries need continuous support for the often-occurring so-called chain transactions and possible triangular transactions. Declaration duties continue to exist despite the single market system. We will use our expertise to successfully solve all your import/export problems!

If you have any further questions concerning our services, please send an enquiry to:

Die Firma Weigel-Erbe Steuerberatungsgesellschaft mbH – ihr Fachberater für internationales Steuerrecht, Steuerberatung, Steuererklärungen, Steuerberatung, Steuererklärungen.


Graduate in Tax Affairs
Irina Weigel-Erbe
Tax consultant
Consultant for International Tax Law
Former tax inspector of the german tax authority


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