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The ‘Tax Audit’ nightmare is a recurring event. That has many reasons: On the one hand, many methods can be executed quicker than previously due to the availability of digital data and audit intervals are therefore becoming increasingly shorter. On the other hand, some sectors, for example the catering sector, are particularly affected due to the new obligations for the use of cash registers and are therefore “attractive” for the tax authority.

The tax audits often end with enormous estimated additional amounts that can, in the case of a tax burden exceeding 60%, either weaken the enterprise or even force it into bankruptcy.

Protect yourself! Every entrepreneur should be prepared in advance for possible “surprises”.

Ms. Irina Weigel-Erbe is a former tax inspector of the tax authority of the state of North Rhine Westphalia. She worked in the tax audit department. We can offer you a simulation of the potential tax audit because of our many years of tax audit experience on both sides.

We will show you your “weak points” and prepare you for the further steps.

Are you already in the middle of a tax audit or other tax examination and are not getting a result because the tax authority is overburdening you with further questionnaires or actions? We will handle that for you! We will successfully guide you through the already ongoing or pending tax audit and assist you in achieving a good result in your favour.

Do you need an audit for foreign investors or other institutions? We can also offer you a wide range of assistance for that.

You do not need to become our client for payroll accounting for such services.

We can offer our service nationwide.

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